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City Council Staff Report

Approve Second Amendment to the Agreement for Countywide Household Hazardous Waste Collection


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The purpose of this City Council report is to request authorization for the City Manager to execute the Second Amendment to the Agreement for Countywide Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program (Attachment 1).


Since 1993, the City has met its obligation to provide for household hazardous waste disposal by participating in the Countywide Collection Program. This popular program provides City residents with the opportunity to participate in several collection events each month. The permanent collection center in San Martin has improved the convenience associated with these services. It is estimated that over 1,500 Morgan Hill households will participate in a collection event in the coming fiscal year.


In 2018, the Council authorized the City Manager to execute a three-year Countywide Household Hazardous Waste Agreement. Because this agreement includes the collection schedule for the year and the augmentation amount elected by the City, it requires an annual amendment. The First Amendment with the Fiscal Year 2019-20 collection schedule was approved by the Council last year. The sole purpose of this item is to approve the City’s execution of the Second Amendment to the Agreement with the FY 2020-21 schedule and updated augmentation amount. Based on the City’s experience, an annual augmentation of $60,000 should ensure that all Morgan Hill residents desiring to participate in the program will be allowed to do so. This is identical to last years amount and reflects expected program usage. Note that this augmentation exclusively includes funds generated by a Countywide fee and anticipates no expenditures from the General Fund.



The recommended action is an extension of a long-standing program with no changes proposed so no engagement activities were conducted prior to presenting the amendment for Council consideration. Should the Second Amendment be approved, staff will continue to inform the public about the availability of the County program.



The Council could decide to not approve the Second Amendment and direct staff to further evaluate the provision of these services and the recommended augmentation amount.



The current agreement was approved by the City Council on May 2, 2018 (Attachment 3) and the First Amendment was approved on June 5, 2019 (Attachment 2). The Council has historically acted annually on either an agreement or an amendment to the agreement for over 20 years.



It is estimated that providing services to Morgan Hill residents participating in the County program will cost approximately $110,000 in Fiscal Year 2020-21. Since the Countywide AB939 fee revenues credited to Morgan Hill for this purpose should total approximately $156,000, it is not anticipated that any funding from the City’s General Fund will need to be expended for this service. Any AB939 fee revenues remaining in the City’s credit will be refunded to the City for use in promoting the program. The refunded amounts are deposited into the General Fund (010), GL#: 010.37706.


CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act):

Categorical Exemption


Approval of the Second Amendment is categorically exempt from environmental review under the Section 15308 (Actions by Regulatory Agencies for Protection of the Environment) of the CEQA guidelines.

Meeting History

May 20, 2020 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Larry Carr, Council Member
SECONDER:Yvonne Martinez Beltran, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Rich Constantine, Yvonne Martinez Beltran, Larry Carr, John McKay, Rene Spring